1. The detail! Yes, it’s worse than your standard iPhone in terms of quality...but hear me out! Pictures from disposable cameras look more like the way you remember something than a photograph. The colors are a little warmer, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, and you have less wrinkles!Disposable Camera 35mm Shirtless Skateboarder Kick Flip
  2. No do-overs! Nothing takes the candidness out of a photo like retaking it eighteen times. We’ve all been there with our cheeks hurting while someone keeps saying “one more, one more!” Can anyone possibly still be candid at that point?
    Disposable Camera 35mm Cheers
  3. The wait! This one can be difficult to explain, as we all naturally want to see our pictures ASAP. The closest thing I can compare to are the advent calendars I used to have as a kid. The anticipation is part of the fun! Not only is it a fun surprise when you get the film back, it can allow you to look at your photographs more objectively. Street photography legend Garry Winogrand often waited months or years to develop his film. His theory was that it was very easy to mistake the emotion felt when taking the photograph as justification of the photo being good. Waiting to get photos back helps take photographers’ emotion out of the photograph.
    Disposable Camera 35mm Cigar Smoke Cloud
  4. No more choosing through tens of photos that look exactly the same. It’s too easy for us to just keep tapping the photo button on our phones to make sure we get the perfect shot. In reality, we end up with so many identical photos, it’s a wonder anyone can choose which one to post.
    Disposable Camera 35mm Robot Dance
  5. You’ll be more selective with your shots! With a disposable, there is some inherent value in a photo once again. Between the cost of the camera and development, you’re in for at least a dollar a shot! Not to mention you’re limited to 28 photos. Given this, I find I’m always much more selective with what I choose to photograph when shooting film.
    Disposable Camera 35mm Vintage Pontiac Americana

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