How do I send you my film?

  • There are 2 options. 

1 - We can email you a shipping label to print and attach to a bubble mailer or small box.

2 - Add a "Postage Paid Mailer" to your order and we will send you a padded mailer that you can put your film in and send back to us.

How do I package my Film?

  • Use an old Bubble mailer or a small box. Smaller than 9x9 is preferred to so it gets to us the quickest.
  • When using a Postage Paid Mailer be sure to tape it closed well. We are so sad when we get a mailer that the film has fallen out of.

How many reels can I put in a mailer?

  • Our return label weights are based on how many developments you purchase. We suggest no more than 5 reels per package.
    • Reach out to us for Bulk Developments!

Do you return negatives?

  • Yes we do! Please select that option at checkout.
  • If you select No Negatives Back they will be disposed of 2 weeks after your order.

Do you offer prints?

  • Not right now, but we hope to soon!

Is there any other way to view my film aside from the App?

  • Yes, we'll send you an email with your images attached. This way you can save to your computer as well. 

Will the images stay on the platform indefinitely?

  • Yes! That's actually why we started this business. Our app is only for film and your images and links will never expire. 

Is the app on iOS only?

  • For now yes, we're only available on apple devices.

Do you Recycle my Disposable Camera?

  • Yes we do! We send your empty camera to a company that specializes in Disposable Camera Recycling.


Common Film Questions

Why was My Film Flashed?

  • Flashed film usually occurs when the Film has not been rewound into the canister before opening the back camera door. Be sure to give the Rewind lever a few extra turns before opening.

Why was My Reel Blank?

  • Typically a blank reel occurs when your film leader slips off the spool after loading. 
    • Tip - Watch your rewind lever. It will rotate with your shutter cock as you shoot.

Can I use expired film?

  • Expired film yields unpredictable results. It could be great or quite dark. We suggest over exposing your shots on expired film.

I remember taking photos that aren't on my reel. What happened?

  • When scanning Negatives our machines do their best to detect images. Oftentimes if a reel was shot at night or in a dark area the photos are underexposed and won't come out. If you’re using a disposable try to keep the Flash on whenever possible.
  • Film is Sensitive to extreme heat and water. Both can damage your film. Try to keep your cameras in the shade and dry if possible.
  • If you will be flying be sure to ask for a "Manual Inspection." Disposable cameras and undeveloped film is sensitive to X-rays so be sure to not put them in your checked bag. Check out this link from the TSA https://www.tsa.gov/travel/security-screening/whatcanibring/items/film