120 Format Development

120 Format Development

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120 Format Development includes the processing and scanning of your film.

You'll receive an email with a link to download the full resolution photos once the film has been developed, and you will be able to view your reel(s) in the Indisposable app.

After checkout we'll send you an email with your shipping label -- please print it out and attach it to a small box or bubble mailer to send us your film.

Processing Times (after we have received your film):

C41:  5-6 business days
Black & White: 5-6 business days
ECN-2 / E-6:  up to 10 business days

Scan Options:

Standard: 2,514 x 1,929 pixels
High Quality: 5,028 x 3,859  pixels
Standard: 2,504 x 2,504 pixels
High Quality: 5,008 x 5,008  pixels
Standard: 3,149 x 2,514 pixels
High Quality: 6,298 x 5,028 pixels
Standard: 3,752 x 2,514 pixels
High Quality: 7,505 x 5,028 pixels