Kodak ULTRAMAX 400 (36 Exp.) W/ Development
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Kodak ULTRAMAX 400 (36 Exp.) W/ Development

Negatives Returned?
Kodak ULTRAMAX 400 (36 Exp.)
This film includes the Developing and Scanning of your film.

We'll upload the photos to your account on the APP 3-4 days after we Receive your package.

You'll also receive an Email with a non expiring Download Link. 


What do I do when I'm Done? 

Your film is sent to you in a Bubble Mailer with a Return Label inside.

When you're done shooting follow the mailing instructions included in the package and drop it off at a USPS Office or USPS Mailbox.


Sending more than 1?

One mailer can hold up to 3 Disposable cameras OR 5 35mm Reels.

(Be sure to pay for each before sending)