Around the same time we announced our app Indisposable, David Dobrick announced he was re-vamping Dispo. An app that mimics the experience of a disposable camera. Everything about this app is great...except the images.

Maybe it's just me, but the over edited sharp photos of Dispo do not have that same look and feel as film. The images look crunchy, similar the aesthetic of early Instagram. 

Take a look at this comparison below.

The warmth of Kodak film paired with the powerful flash makes skin tones look soft and smooths out imperfections. Dispo on the other hand looks over saturated and lacks image information in the shadows. 

We started indisposable to make to make shooting, developing, and sharing film easier. Our app allows you to store developed images of real film and share them with your friends. We strive to be the easiest mail in film lab for developing your disposable cameras & 35mm film. 

To see more examples of Dispo vs. Real Film checkout our YouTube channel.