I hate trying to quickly scan articles for the answers posed in the title. So rather than making you do that here are my suggestions right away. Feel free to read on for more in depth reasoning!

Shooting mostly at night? Fuji should be your go to
Shooting mostly during the day? I prefer Kodaks warm colors 
Looking for a more eco friendly option? Lomography is your camera 

Ok lets start with the Fuji..

This is my go to night time / party camera because the flash indicator is perfectly designed. You'll never miss a shot because you accidentally thought it was charged up. The kodaks and Lomography cameras require you to click the flash button rather than a super obvious toggle on and off. 

The flash also seems to be more powerful than the Lomography camera and colors seem a bit more rich & saturated than the Kodak. 

To me, this is the most classic of disposable cameras and you cannot go wrong picking a Fuji.

Next up Kodak...

Kodaks colors during the day will always be my favorite. As an SLR film camera user I'm not usually shooting disposables; however I'm almost always loading Kodak film into my camera. 

The colors are so rich and warm, providing that classic film look & vibe. If you're planning on bringing a disposable camera out to the beach this summer or really anywhere with direct sun, Kodak is my suggestion.

Finally Lomography...

This camera is very cool as it gives you the classic "disposable camera look" with the ability to easily reload any film of your choice and keep shooting. 

A lot of people (rightly so) take issue with single use plastic disposables. While Indisposable does recycle all disposables we receive, we encourage users to graduate to reloadable point and shoots & SLR's. If you're not there yet in your film journey this camera may be perfect for you. 

From what I saw in my tests this camera needs a lot of light. We found it performed best in direct sun! When shooting with this camera at night be sure to double check that your flash is charged and never shoot too far away from your subject. Below I'll be linking side by side images from our tests. You can also check out our YouTube video on the topic! Linked here!

As always if you're looking for a simple film development service that will upload film photos right to your phone, checkout Indisposable!