As digital cameras continue to improve, you may be questioning whether you should continue shooting film in the new year. Shooting film has many benefits that make it a compelling choice for photographers, even in the digital age. Here are some of the top reasons to consider shooting film over digital in 2023:

  1. Film has a unique aesthetic quality that digital cameras cannot replicate. Film has a distinct look and feel that many photographers love, with organic colors and tones that are impossible to reproduce with digital technology. Much of this comes from the imperfections that stem from the physical nature of the medium.
  2. Film is more challenging to use, which can make you a better photographer. Because film cameras don't have the same automatic features as digital cameras, shooting film requires more thought and planning. This can help you develop a stronger understanding of photography and improve your skills.
  3. Film has a certain nostalgia and romance that digital lacks (commonly referred to as the "film aesthetic"). Many photographers love the look and feel of old photographs, and shooting film allows you to create images that have a timeless quality.
  4. Film forces you to be more intentional with your photography. Because film is more expensive and limited than digital, shooting film can make you more selective about what you choose to photograph. Being limited to 10, 12, 24, or 36 frames can force you to prioritize your strongest scenes/subjects. This can help you create more thoughtful and meaningful images.
  5. Film is more archival and sustainable than digital. Because film negatives and prints can last for decades or even centuries, shooting film can help ensure that your images will be preserved for future generations. In contrast, digital files are vulnerable to obsolescence and require constant migration to new storage formats. Not to mention, film can always be rescanned using updated tech. 
  6. Film cameras are often more affordable and accessible than digital cameras. Many film cameras are available at a fraction of the cost of digital cameras, making them a great option for photographers on a budget. Additionally, there are many vintage and used film cameras available, allowing you to experiment with different formats and styles.

Overall, shooting film has many benefits that make it a valuable and rewarding choice for photographers in 2023. Whether you're looking to improve your skills, create unique images, or preserve your work for the future, film photography continues to be a great way to capture special moments. 


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