When shooting, we do it with the intent to get the best possible end result. When print film was first made, the intention was to get the best print possible. However, nowadays it is to get the best scans possible. Typically, colors and the scanning method used vary in scan quality. Indisposable uses a HS1800 which produces some of the best colors as well as some of the highest resolutions for scanners in its class.

All images on this post were scanned using max settings on a Noritsu HS1800 but were down sized for web use.

Although the standrad resolution that Indisposable offers is more than fine for web sharing and up to 8x10 prints, the high resolution option will always look better. Especially when pixel peeping on a monitor or when large prints are needed. It is also beneficial when more intense editing is necessary, such as frequency separation and high pass sharpening.

Higher resolution scans are also better in terms of future proofing the scans you get. This would save you from having to get a rescan in the future. You can always down size an image but cannot gain pixels you do not have. It also helps when images need to be cropped. When cropping an image, you're reducing the overall resolution of the image. For example, a high resolution scan of a 35mm frame (2:3 ratio) from Indisposable is 6774x4492. Once it is cropped down to a 4:5 ratio, it then becomes a 5615x4492 image. A standard resolution scan would be about half that.

You could never go wrong with a higher resolution scan. It will give you more flexibility, as well greater detail. It is especially beneficial when you are looking to have larger prints. You can find out more by visiting Indisposable's site.